“ Built to Suit ”is about of a real estate operation modality that can be translated “bespoke construction” consisting of a contract whereby an investor enables a venture real estate according to the interests of a future user, who will use it for a pre-established period, ensuring the return of the investment and remuneration for the use of the property.

Although there are offers available in the real estate market, many sometimes not appropriate to the needs of users, commercial, industrial and services, which primarily seek a customization of the spaces, the which brings rationalization of operating costs.

In addition, the corporate aversion to resource allocation is notorious immobilization in fixed assets, which requires the commitment of a significant portion of operating cash flow to activities that are not directly related to the focus of core business.

A Fadel offers solutions in the construction and leasing of properties meeting all the necessary specifications and the interests of our customers (future users of the property) .

Goal is to build custom.