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Transportation Services with Excellence

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Road Freight Transport

With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel is always prepared to carry out the transport of products and supplies on a large scale, meeting the specific needs of each client. We are committed to delivering high productivity in the supply chain, always aiming at responsibility and safety. In this way, our entire vehicle fleet undergoes regular inspections and our teams are monitored using on-board technology to control journey and fatigue.

fadel quality stamps

Urban Product Distribution

This operation demonstrates our excellence in the urban delivery process, we seek to meet the needs of our customers, through an efficient and safe process, guaranteeing the delivery and integrity of the goods, with an adequate fleet profile for each region to be served, through personalized support for each type of customer. Our vehicles have tracking technologies and a monitoring center with teams that work twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, providing safer and more efficient delivery.

Self Service

Our ability to carry out distribution in large shopping centers is linked to our effectiveness in meeting the established schedule for delivery of products, we are able to meet the urgency census of our customers and their needs, through effective planning, we can surprise you with the service deadlines established by the client.

Internal Logistics and Shipping

Through an integrated management process, structured equipment, we guarantee the fulfillment of the needs of our customers, offering solutions in product handling services both in receiving and dispatching, our specialization in customer service. Cross docking e Picking, guarantee excellence in supply and organization of warehouses.

Autonomous Cargo Transport

In partnership with autonomous cargo transporters, we offer transportation and urban distribution services to meet exceptional demands, with the same quality and following the necessary safety requirements.

The management of autonomous cargo transporters, is one of our great differentials, this process consists of managing freight, monitoring trips, document control together with Organs competent agencies, we invest in training and recycling training for our partners, always aiming at improvement at the service level, seeking awareness and safety in traffic.

Control tower

We offer fleet monitoring and tracking services with a focus on safety and productivity. With a modern integration system, we link the PGR (Risk Management Program) of each client and according to the format of the operation.

The main KPI's can be monitored through panels and indicators in Microsoft Power BI