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COVID Fadel measures

In accordance with Law 13.979 / 2020 and Decree No. 10.282 / 2020, both published on March 11, 2020, we founded an Emergency Committee on Covid - 19 to establish sanitary, administrative and preventive measures, valid for all our units.

Within the activities considered indispensable, cargo transportation appears as essential, understood that, if not carried out, endangers the survival, health and safety of the population.


In our prevention framework, employees were free to organize work projects via the home office, following the guidelines of our Good Practice Training Home Office, in addition to establishing flexible working hours so that they can assist their families in situations of vulnerability to the virus obeying the quarantine.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we adopted the Corporate Covid Prevention Campaign - 19, aiming to take preventive measures to employees, among them, the departure from the work schedule of employees who are part of the risk group, according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health, such as those over sixty, with heart and respiratory diseases, diabetics and chronic kidney patients. A communication channel with the health authorities was opened so that we can implement any initiatives required.

For everyone to have access, we leave clear information and guidance in accordance with the information sent by the Communication and Quality sector, regarding our control measures. When starting the working day, the temperature is measured using an infrared thermometer, if the temperature is above 37 ° its entry is not allowed and we recommend that it goes to a health unit. We do not allow anyone with respiratory symptoms, dry cough and difficulty breathing to enter the unit with or without headache. If the service is emergency, we always follow the measures of the entry protocol, which are temperature measurement, alcohol gel and mask use

We provide full support for hygiene measures, such as 70% alcohol gel, liquid soap, water and paper towels, in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace. We have training on the correct use, washing, conservation and mask change process, be it fabric or disposable, in addition, we maintain a safe distance following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.


The staff responsible for cleaning and sanitizing activities also receive personal protective equipment, such as glasses, a mask, face shields, nitrile gloves, waterproof boots, aprons, hat for procedures that use aerosols, and resources for frequent hand hygiene with soap liquid and 70% alcohol gel.

To improve the urban distribution process, we guarantee that our fleets have a water and soap reservoir, we reinforce the importance of personal care, especially hand washing at the end of each trip and stop at support points, use of alcohol gel, cleaning and vehicle hygiene, guaranteeing the daily disinfection of fleets on the return route.

We do not hold meetings and assemblies in closed places and / or with poor ventilation, we do not recommend the sharing of individual work equipment, such as cell phones, tablets, headphones, cutters and any other object for individual use that contributes to the spread of the virus.
If any suspicion is confirmed, the branches must carry out an employee interaction mapping within the company, in order to detect possible contamination. In cases of leave of more than 15 days, the HR sector will give full support to the family so that the process can be carried out before the INSS. In the event of death from the virus, you must be informed immediately to the corporate sectors to activate and support life insurance.

For security measures to take place effectively, the status of suspected cases is updated and shared with health authorities on a daily basis.