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Meet Fadel Transportes - Logistics Solutions

Founded in 2001, Fadel Transportes e Logística started its activities in the northeast of the country in the development of a project to outsource urban beverage distribution to AmBev, called Projeto Forró. This work that provided for the direct distribution of AmBev products to its customers was a valuable learning experience for the entire group involved, becoming a successful “case” and model for the implementation of the project in other regions of the country.

Since then, Fadel Transportes e Logística has improved in several activities in the logistics chain, such as transferring products between factories and distribution centers, matching operations that involve more than one customer in the transfer of their products, internal movement of goods that involve the loading and unloading of trucks, as well as the assembly of loads, in addition to being an expert in urban distribution, making its customers' products reach their final consumer.

All the service performed by Fadel is structured in processes previously analyzed and designed in order to rationalize the operation. With this objective, the processes are systematically monitored and controlled, generating the best results for its Customers.

Today, with more than 4.300 employees and 1.500 pieces of equipment, it is a young and bold company that has conquered its space in the logistics market and maintains a solid and transparent relationship with its customers.

Um great place to work!

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we are awarded for the 4th consecutive year as a Great Place To Work, which means that regardless of the crisis, we will always seek to maintain a safe work environment, which recognizes people and takes care of their team with great dedication and respect.

And for the first time we were certified outside of Brazil, our excellence crossed borders and arrived in Paraguay. Congratulations to all our employees, as this is the result of the excellent work of each of you!




Offer differentiated logistic solutions to the market, prioritizing service level excellence, based on quality and operational efficiency and supported by the management of people, processes and resources.



To be among the largest logistics companies in the national territory, growing 20% ​​per year for the next 05 years, guaranteeing the following premises

  • Maintain current profitability and financial strength;
  • Diversify the customer portfolio and the operating segments;
  • Ensure excellence in services provided;
  • Be remembered by the potential market;
  • Be among the best companies to work for;
  • Be recognized by the market and employees for excellence in people management.


Coherence between discourse and actions taken. Transparency in relations with employees, partners and customers. Responsibility in dealing with internal and external relations, with society and the environment. Safety in all work relationships, seeking the physical integrity of all our employees and partners



  • Processes improvement
  • People Management
  • Profitability
  • Innovative Practices
  • Smart Partnerships
  • Excellence Program
  • Information systems
  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Clients satisfaction

Fadel Code of Conduct and Ethics

Quality policy

Health, safety and environment