Founded in 2001, Fadel Transportes e Logística started its activities in the northeast of the country in the development of a outsourcing of urban beverage distribution to AmBev, called Project Forró. This work that predicted the distribution Direct delivery of AmBev products to its customers was a valuable learning for the whole group involved, becoming a case study of success and model for project implementation in other regions of the country.

Since then, Fadel Transportes e Logística has been improving various activities in the logistics chain, such as transfer of products between factories and distribution centers, operations that involve more than one client in the transfer of their products, internal movement of goods involving the loading and unloading of trucks as well as the assembly as well as specializing in urban distribution, making your customers' products reach your final consumer.

All Fadel service is structured in processes previously analyzed and designed in order to rationalize the operation. To this end, processes are monitored and systematically controlled, generating the best results for your customers.

Today, with over 3,200 employees and 1,200 equipment, it is a young and bold company that has conquered its space in the logistics and maintains the relationship of satisfaction with its customers from solid and transparent form.


Offer differentiated logistics solutions to the market, prioritizing excellence at the service level, based on the quality and operational efficiency and sustained by the management of people, processes and resources.


Being among the largest logistics companies in the territory growing 20% per year over the next 05 years, ensuring following assumptions

  • Maintain profitability and current financial strength;
  • Diversify client portfolio and business segments;
  • Ensure excellence in the services provided;
  • Be remembered by the potential market;
  • Being among the best companies to work for;
  • To be recognized by the market and employees for excellence in people management;


Consistency between speech and actions taken. Transparency in relationships with its employees, partners and customers. Responsibility in dealing with internal and external relations, with society with the environment. Safety in all working relationships, seeking the physical integrity of all our employees and partners


  • Processes improvement
  • People management
  • Profitability
  • Innovative Practices
  • Smart Partnerships
  • Program of Excellence
  • Information systems
  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Clients satisfaction